This Week, Our Book Of Choice

March 18, 2016

There has been a new addition to our bookshelf this week. ‘Book of ideas’, by Radim Malinic, is a collection of his work as first a graphic designer, and now creative director. Throughout the book he shares his projects alongside advice and things he has learnt along the way. From the art of asking questions in order to get to the heart of a brief, to keeping it simple and not overcomplicating projects unnecessarily, the book is a treasure trove of dos and don’ts from someone who has been there.

We always love to look at other people’s projects in order to inform our own, looking at the problem from a different angle, and this book is a good example for why this is so beneficial. Although the projects won’t always relate entirely to our own, there will often be a piece of inspiration hidden within either the process he has taken, the idea itself or the medium in which he’s chosen to express it in.

We thoroughly enjoyed flicking through the pages, and recommend you have a look.

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