Ned Phillips


Ned has 25 years experience in leading the design of content rich environments.

Ned has been responsible for all aspects of exhibition design and procurement from base build interfaces and infrastructure to content interpretation. He specialises in science and discovery based experiences, valuing playful learning and active engagement as key aspects of visitor experience for all age groups. His design of interactive experiences is underpinned by a wide experience of exhibition and digital technologies and an active interest in the ideas and developments shaping museums and visitor attractions.

After qualifying as an architect in 1988, Ned began to specialise in the design of museum, retail and attractions spaces and ultimately in interpretative spaces and exhibits.

Ned’s work with museums and galleries began at MET Studio where he was the project architect on the ground breaking Science for Life exhibition at The Wellcome Trust headquarters in London. After taking some time to re-build a historic yacht and sail to the Caribbean, Cuba, Central America and the USA, Ned returned to Europe via the Azores and re-joined MET Studio to lead the design and production of The Earth’s Restless Surface at London’s Natural History Museum and Infoduct and Post War London at The Museum of London. Ned also led the design, procurement and implementation of The Field Museum’s Underground Adventure. This US$4m project included an immersive walk through a magnified soil environment complete with animatronic creatures.

Ned returned to the U.K. in 1999 and after a period project managing lighting and special effects installations at the Millennium Dome he founded the design consultancy At large.

With At large, Ned has been responsible for the design and management of a wide range of projects including The London Stock Exchange Media Centre, ‘Urbis’ – the museum of the modern city in Manchester, Climbers and Creepers children’s exhibition and play space at The Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew), Our World, Our Past and Our Future at The Centre of Life in Newcastle, Recycle It and We Made It at Thinktank in Birmingham, The Darwin Centre at The Natural History Museum in London, Traders Gallery at The National Maritime Museum in London, The Customs and Excise Museum at Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool and All About Me at Eureka!- the national children’s museum in Halifax.

More recently with KCA team, Ned has led the design planning for a major new science museum in Central Asia and concepts for a heritage centre in West Africa. He is also supporting the design development of an interactive experience for the Francis Crick Institute.