Brain Zone, Centre for Life, Newcastle

A major exhibition completed in six months from concept through to opening.

The ‘Brain Zone’ Exhibition at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, UK gives visitors the opportunity to find out what makes you ‘you’ and how the brain controls so many of your body’s functions – often without you even realising it..

We worked in close collaboration with the team at Paragon Creative and the client team to develop the 2d and 3d design for the exhibition. A herculean effort by all involved, the exhibition was finished in about six months from concept through to opening.




‘Brain Zone’ explores the brain and how it functions, the senses and perception, learning and adaptation, emotions, behaviour, awareness and consciousness. This interactive journey into our most complex organ is supported by the Wellcome Trust and was opened in March.

We worked with scientists from around the UK to produce exhibits that challenge and question what we know about our brains. Exhibits include:

Sip of conflict – A drinking fountain disguised as a toilet bowl: your brain knows the water is clean and drinkable but can you happily have a drink and not think ‘yuk’?

Disappearing hand – you will believe that your hand has disappeared even though your brain tells you it can’t be possible.

Do not touch – dare you risk pressing the red button, and how will you react if you do?